“One Day Four Hours”, Potsdam, Germany, Presented by Galerie Markus Richter, Berlin Germany

In Potsdam, a vacant East German military base is the site for a series of sculpture installations. Perseverance, Coal Pendulum, Bureaucratic Muros (image coming soon) and Tug of War, are composed of relics and materials from the notable location. Together, they occupy the ground floor of the Officer’s Casino. They bring attention to the verbal and material history of the building. Local Potsdam residents stated pre W.W.II building deeds for the surrounding region were once housed there, and then, the Berlin Wall came down. The building burned. Many believe arson was suspect, preventing prior citizens from making pre-war ownership claims.

The exhibition title, One Day Four Hours, refers to the time frame allotted to view the exhibit as well as the burn time of the building. Since the military site was unauthorized for use as a studio/exhibition venue, viewers cautiously entered between security guard shifts. The location was held in secrecy until one hour before the opening. Shared histories were discussed since the burn was a significant day Potsdam’s collective memory.

One Day Four Hours is now an archive, seen as a sculptural artist book entitled, Panel Circumspect. Thick paper panels hold 11 photographs of the building and prior sculpture installations. The book appears as a burnt relic, excavated from the Military Base.